Discipline Chief Embraces Structural Reform

The  February  2012 status report submitted to  the State Bar Board of Trustees Committee on Regulation,  Admission and Discipline (RAD) by acting Chief Trial Counsel Jayne Kim describe a much needed structural reform in the Office of Chief Trial Counsel (OCTC):  moving to to a pure vertical prosecution model.  Under this system, the essential facts of the case don’t have to learned by four or more OCTC attorneys under the current model.   This encourages early disposition of cases by investing the attorney responsible for overseeing investigations in the final result.  There is also the positive news that OCTC is instituting a monthly training program for discipline prosecutors.

It is not clear whether approval of what the Chief Trial Counsel by discipline defense counsel is the kiss of death.  Every time I say nice things about them, they seem to lose their job.  I will go out on a limb one more time and state that the acting Chief Trial Counsel is moving OCTC in a direction it should have been moving some time ago.

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